Generator Maintenance in St. Charles

Everyone in St. Charles is familiar with big storms. We’ve all heard the tornado sirens, and we’ve all experienced power failures. At this point, it is just a part of life. With pleasant summer weather, come nasty and sometimes frightening storms.

To prepare for the summer storm season, it’s essential to have a working backup generator. That goes for both homeowners and commercial property owners. How do you make sure your generator is working? With regular maintenance checks from Primary Service Electric, Inc..

Primary Service Electric, Inc. provides St. Charles residents with generator maintenance and repair services. We help you keep the lights on even when the power goes off. Contact us today to learn more!

Keep the Power on in St. Charles With Preventative Maintenance

It may be that you rarely have to use your generator. It may be that it just sits there and collects dust. But when you need it to work, you really need it to work. With routine preventative maintenance checks, it’s possible to make sure that your generator is always ready to work. Primary Service Electric, Inc.’s preventative maintenance checks ensure that your generator is predictable even when nothing else is!

What Goes Into a Generator Maintenance Check?

We start by making a visual inspection of the generator. Is everything in order? Is there rust in unusual places? Have any pests been messing around with the electrical components? Is anything missing, out of place, or broken?

Then we take care to remove and replace any broken components. Often small parts can break with everyday wear and tear. We’ll then assess the fluid levels to make sure there’s enough coolant and fuel. Once that’s done we’ll check the battery. If there’s any corrosion or damage, we may have to replace it. We’ll run tests to make sure it still holds a charge and then double check that the control panel is still in good working order. Next, we’ll go over the air filter and fuel filter, replacing those as needed.

Finally, we’ll make sure everything is lubricated and ready to go. Then it’s time to turn it on and do a series of load tests.

This is not a comprehensive list of what goes into a generator maintenance service, but it should give you a basic idea of the kinds of things that go into a service. Every maintenance schedule will be tailored to the specific guidelines set out by the manufacturer.

Contact Primary Service Electric, Inc. today for a complete maintenance check-up.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Primary Service Electric, Inc. is committed to helping our clients be prepared for the next power failure. This is a big responsibility, and we take it very seriously. All our electricians are certified and have years of on the job experience. Their technical expertise has helped Primary Service Electric, Inc. become one of the leading electrical contractors in St. Charles. There is no one in the region more qualified than us to keep the power on when the grid goes down.

Contact us today to learn more about our generator maintenance service and be prepared for the “next big one.”