Standby Generator in St. Charles

Having a standby generator is a great idea in areas that are frequented by severe storms and extreme cold or heat. Having a back-up plan in place ensures that you can be as comfortable as possible in your home or business during critical natural disasters and weather events.

When Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast, over 8 million residents were left without power for hours and, in some cases, days, making it necessary for them to move to other areas for safety.

If you want peace of mind then contact Primary Service Electric, Inc., a trusted St. Charles standby generator provider.

The expert team of installation experts at Primary Service Electric, Inc. will work with customers to make sure a standby generator is the best choice for them and to make them aware of any restrictions in their geographical area.

Cut Costs with a Standby Generator

Standby generators may seem like a big investment, but when you think about how many things in your home or office require power, you'll realize that outages can end up costing you a lot more than you think. Here's how:

  • Food is wasted. When your fridge loses power, all of its contents can spoil, forcing you to go out and buy replacement food. That can run up a serious bill, not to mention take time out of your day.
  • Many offices cannot function without power. Losing power means losing productivity. Nowadays, employees cannot work if their computers won't turn on or if they lack internet.
  • Alternative accommodation must be found. If the power outage lasts longer than a few hours, you may consider renting a hotel until things switch back on—even the cheaper rooms can be quite costly, forcing you to use money that could be better spent elsewhere.
  • Why You Should Choose a Standby Generator Over a Portable Generator

    When disaster strikes and the power goes out, it’s an incredibly stressful time for any St. Charles home or business owner. Your health, safety, and your bottom line are at risk, and you can’t always depend on the municipal and state governments to restore power quickly. I’m sure everyone reading this article has memories of a particular ice storm that ended in tragedy because residents had to go days without heat and power.

    Whether you want to protect your family from the dangers of power outages or you need to protect the investment you’ve made into your St. Charles business, you need to be prepared for anything. And that means hiring a company to set you up with a backup power generator so you can restore the power to your home, refrigerator, and heating system as soon as possible!

    But St. Charles residents have a choice to make. Many opt for a portable generator in an attempt to save some money. But here’s a list of reasons why a standby generator is a much better choice.

    Reason #1: Standby Generators are Safer

    When an emergency happens and the power is out for an extended period of time, it’s often followed by the sad news that a family or business owner tried to use a portable generator without knowing how to use it properly, causing severe injuries and often death.

    Because portable generators rely on propane or natural gas to create power on demand, there’s an important rule that must always be followed. A portable generator should never under any circumstances be used indoors or in a covered space.

    Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas often called ‘the silent killer’ because it has no smell or taste and yet can quickly cause you to lose oxygen. Symptoms are as vague as headache and feeling tired. And many people never wake up.

    It’s an entirely avoidable tragedy and one reason why standby backup power generators are much safer than their portable propane-powered generator counterparts. While you might pay more up front, you’ll have the benefit of a professional from Primary Service Electric, Inc. installing it in a safe place.

    Reason #2: Standby Generators are Quieter

    Standby generators are often called the ‘silent generator’ because of how much less noise they make than their portable counterparts! While all generators will make a certain amount of noise, you’ll never have difficulty sleeping because of a standby generator.

    Reason #3: Standby Generators Require No Effort Whatsoever

    The best part about a home standby generator is that once a home generator systems expert from Primary Service Electric, Inc. has installed it, that’s all you need to do. Really! You’re protected against power loss for 10 to 20 years. Once the power goes out, your generator kicks in. No installation necessary and you won’t have to brave the elements during an emergency to locate it out of your garage.

    Don’t let a disaster take your St. Charles home or business by surprise. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your employees by calling the standby generator pros at Primary Service Electric, Inc. today.

Power Outage Safety

Generators are the preferred solution for many in areas that experience extended electrical outages. These generators are permanently installed and connected directly to your home’s electrical source. They typically run on natural gas, liquid propane or diesel fuel.

Standby generators automatically switch on when they detect an interruption of electric service, and shut down and restart your home grid when power returns. They are often a necessary requirement for those in St. Charles with small children, the elderly and those that need uninterrupted service.

Installation Process

Installing a standby generator is a job for an electrical expert and not for the unexperienced. The experts at Primary Service Electric, Inc. will inspect your St. Charles home or business and let you know what the right solution is for you. Once your new generator has been installed, we always take the time to fully explain how it functions, so that when the time comes to use it, you know exactly how to proceed.

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